Friday, July 1, 2016

Last Week!

I’m going home next week so this is my last Friday here. This past week I’ve been working on a design to connect the maximizer from the solar panels to a wired station. The main goals that we kept in mind was to develop a way to plug everything with the less amount of steps. We designed a way that clips just plugging them. Besides that I bought some gifts to friends/family. They are anxious to see me again the same way I am anxious to see them. For next week, I’m looking for a place to see the fireworks of 4th July. Perhaps I will go to Santa Cruz or San Francisco. I’ve been to both cities already so it’s hard to choose which one I will visit one last time.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly update

So, it's been a while since my last post. hehe

Last week I went to Vegas, Yosemite and Santa Cruz, I have less than 2 weeks here in th US and I want to enjoy them. I've been working on the project as well, mainly on the PV array design concepts.
I think that as soon as we pick up one design to work with the detailed project should not take too long. The mainly difference between the designs is that one uses thin film PV which are somehow flexible and the other design uses noncrystalline ones which are not flexible at all. The arc style is a requirement but we can arrange the plane PV in an arc way.
This weekend I will start pack my stuffs, because in the end everything converges to an end and my time here is almost over.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hello everybody,

      My name is Durval Marques de Queiroz Neto. I was born and raised in Brazil, back there I study Mechanical Engineering at UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajuba). I started my college in 2012 and I expect to finish it within 2 years. In 2013 I heard about a scholarship called Sciences Without Borders, this scholarship, sponsored by the Brazilian Government is responsible for sending Brazilian students to colleges all over the world. In 2014 I applied to a scholarship here in the US and I got approved.
      Here in the US I studied at Florida State University for two terms, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, there I improved my English and learned more about how engineering is taught in different countries.I had an amazing time there.
     Now I moved to San Jose to work as a research assistant on the Spartan Superway Project. I got in San Jose last Sunday and so far I had an amazing experience. My first meeting with the team was yesterday (5/23) and there I learned more about the project and about what I will do during the summer.
     I joined the Solar Energy System team, even though I haven't had much experience within this field I expect to learn more and become more familiarized with it. I know that working on project like this is not easy but I will do my best to achieve my goals.